Cocktail Recipe: French 75


I have been on a bit of a gin kick lately. It started with a simple Gin & Tonic made for me by our very own Colleen McGarry, made with home-made tonic from another friend of ours. I was in love and have been exploring Gin cocktails ever since.

What better & cheaper way to learn about cocktails than making them yourself? I was at a wine shop buying some St. George Mt. Tam Terroir gin ($31, Who doesn’t love California’s terroir? I dare you to tell me you can’t replace the idea of garrigue with chapparal. This gin is lovely; Inspired by the coastal forests of Mt. Tam, it has aromas of Bay Laurel, Douglas Fir and coastal Sage. This was clearly exactly the gin I needed in my life. I happened to also be buying some sparkling wine, and the guy at the counter mentioned I was just a few ingredients short of a French 75.


I was intrigued by the idea of a fancy new cocktail that I’ve had only once before, and that was before I discovered that I love gin. It was at the Claremont Hotel’s restaurant Paragon (which is awful, by the way, but if you are at the Claremont you don’t have a lot of choices). The cocktail was great, and so I decided to poke around the internet to distill a recipe. I came across the NY Times version and I trust them, so here’s my spin on their rendition of the French 75.

French 75 Recipe
(from the NYTimes)

Cocktail Shaker
Cocktail Strainer
Champagne Flutes
Lemon Juicer
Vegetable Peeler
Pint Glass

Simple Syrup (make your own)
Dry Sparkling Wine

(makes 1 cocktail)
Chill your champagne flutes, glasses, what-have-you.
With your vegetable peeler, peel the zest of the lemon for your garnish & set the zest aside.
Cut your peeled lemon in half, and squeeze the juice into a small jar.
Fill your shaker with ice.
Measure & pour 1 oz. gin, 1/2 oz lemon juice & 1/2 oz simple syrup into your ice-filled shaker.
Put the pint glass over your shaker (if it doesn’t have a lid) or the lid and shake for 5-10 seconds.
Remove the pint glass or lid from your shaker, replace with a strainer, and strain the good stuff into your chilled glass.
Top off with sparkling wine (about 2 oz).
Twist your lemon zest over the glass, wipe the skin around the rim and drop it into the drink.

french75Enjoy this tasty adult beverage on a warm summer night, preferably made at home and consumed in your own back yard. Invite some friends over; you went through the trouble of buying and opening a whole bottle of sparkling, you might as well share!