Urban Wineries: Treasure Island Wines


Lately I’ve been spending time at a great little winery on Treasure Island called Treasure Island Wines. Co founded in 2006 by brothers Jim Mirowski and Paul Mirowski, it’s a collective of winemakers who share a facility and resources, producing a total of 8,000-9,000 cases of wine per year. The space itself is 10,000 square feet and is a former food processing plant from World War 2. Currently there are five producers under one roof, including Bravium, Heartfelt, Eristavi, Treasure Island Wines, and HDC. Their mission is to bring quality, artisinal, small-batch wine-making to San Francisco, and they are doing a great job.


Paul Mirowski (above, right), is an attorney in San Diego with expertise in many areas including entertainment, business litigation and wine law. Jim Mirowski, (on the left, above) is a tech escapee – a former Network Security expert. He is affectionately referred to as The Captain by his cohorts; he handles all of the infrastructure issues at the facility. He was first exposed to wine after watching his family in Michigan make country wines from fruit, then traveling to Europe and falling in love with old world wines. He came to California to study at UC Berkeley and eventually decided to take some wine-making classes at UC Davis to teach him the science behind winemaking. Nowadays he is producing his own commercial wines in a terroir-driven, old world style. Jim particularly enjoys making bold reds from Zinfandel & Cabernet Sauvignon and fresh, elegant, feminine white wines from Rhone varieties such as Roussanne and Viognier. His wines are very traditional; he and the assistant winemaker Danny chuckled when I asked them what they thought of the latest “orange wine” rage, and Danny affectionately referred to it as “Hipster Wine”.


The tasting room at Treasure Island Wines is focused on educating consumers and providing a fun, un-pretentious environment for people to come enjoy wine at without having to drive to wine country. Most of their customers are Bay Area locals, including visitors who have grown weary of the spectacle of Napa Valley and Sonoma. Generally the people pouring the wines are the ones who are making the wine, which is a rare sight in most big wineries. They are only open on the weekends, with a rotating wine tasting list which changes daily. You can find out whose wines will be featured by calling the winery or subscribing to them on Facebook.


Treasure Island Wines is a great place to stop at if you are interested in tasting some great small-production wines and meeting some really interesting people who love to share their knowledge, or if you just feel like getting out of the city without having to actually leave the city. Treasure Island also has a Flea Market every last Saturday & Sunday of the month, which provides the perfect opportunity to stop in and check out the winery.

Treasure Island Wines is having an event on June 15 called the Cork’n’Pork – a BBQ and wine pairing party featuring Bravium and Heartfelt wines. I will be helping out at the event, so come by and check it out. You can buy tickets here. Hope to see you there!

Treasure Island Wines
995 9th Street
Bldg. 201
San Francisco, CA 94130
Open Saturdays & Sundays from 1pm-5pm