Coming Soon: Purchasing Wine from!

Dear Readers,

It’s been about 7 months since we launched our blog with the intent of bringing you closer to the wines you consume as well as helping you discover the joy of food & wine pairing, mixology, cookery, and baking. It’s been a great experience for us since the beginning, considering we have to learn everything we write about. It’s been a joy to watch our reader base grow, and it’s been our honor to have your attention every Tuesday and Thursday morning.

One of the longer-term goals of this project was the intent of launching a retail feature on the website, so you can buy wines curated by us and have them delivered to the doorstep of your home or office. We love natural wines, made in small batches, hand-crafted by real people. Moreover, we love to share these wines with others, exposing great producers to people who might not be able to find them otherwise. The whole idea of Winelandia was born after several friends who came to our educational tasting parties began asking us how they could buy these wines from us. All we could do was point them in the direction of the shop we bought them at, or tell them “Sorry, this one is from my cellar”.

The process involved in obtaining the appropriate licenses to buy and sell alcohol in the state of California is long, complicated, confusing, and at times, very frustrating. I am pretty sure the process is designed to be this way to weed out the riff-raff. Thankfully, we are not Riff-Raff, and the great state of California has approved and issued our license which allows us to buy and sell wine.

We are excited to announce that we are launching a wine subscription service to a very small pilot group of users in the state of California. The initial subscription is quarterly shipments of half-cases of wine. That’s 2 bottles a month, or 2 cases a year. The goal is to keep the price reasonable, around $25 per bottle on average. All of the featured wines will come with tasting notes, food pairing suggestions, and a recipe or two. We have some kinks to work out and need to test out some ideas on you guys, so if you are interested in joining the pilot program, please let me know by emailing me at We can only accommodate a small number of people, so be sure to let me know ASAP. Our goal is to have the first shipment out in time for Thanksgiving. If you are unable to get into the pilot group, we will have a wait-list up so you can be notified when we have room for more members.

The incentive for you to join our pilot program is not only the honor of being able to tell your friends you were one of the first people to use Winelandia, but you will also receive first dibs on any extremely small-production or cult wines that we may not be able to secure enough of to offer as part of the subscription, before we offer them for sale on the website. I am a collector at heart and will take every opportunity to secure a case or two of really special wines for you guys.

These are very exciting times for us, considering I have dreamed of owning a business since I was a little kid. Life is short; pursue your dreams, do things that are hard, and amaze yourself every time you accomplish something new. I’ll leave you with this photo of Colleen, being very excited, surrounded by food and wine. Basically, this is what we look like any time we are together. We hope that you will join us in this new chapter!