Wine of the Week: La Clarine Farm “Josephine+Mariposa” Red Blend

If you’ve been following Winelandia for any length of time, you probably know that we are La Clarine Farm’s #1 fan. We love the holistic approach that winemaker Hank Beckmeyer has in his vineyards and winemaking methods. Hank consistently makes wines that we love; they have texture, minerality, character, longevity, and soul.

The La Clarine Farm 2012 “Josephine+Mariposa” red blend is no exception. This is a versatile and robust red wine that will satisfy the palate of any red wine lover. A blend of Grenache and Mourvèdre, the grapes are grown in yellow slate and gravelly loam (a soil type called the Josephine/Mariposa Complex). It has fresh and pure high toned fruit aromas, herbal qualities, and loads of minerality. On the palate, it’s rich and bold with balanced acidity and fine grained tannins.



Winemaker:  Hank Beckmeyer
Bio: Run by Hank Beckmeyer, La Clarine Farm is a principled stand out in California winemaking. A follower of Masanobu Fukuoka’s “Do Nothing Farming” methods, Beckmeyer has created a holistic vineyard and winery experience, trying to leave the grapes alone to, in a sense, make the wine themselves. Beckmeyer sees himself as a guide for the transformation of grapes into wine. Beckmeyer understands that terroir is constantly changing, and everything he is doing to the vines, the grapes, and the land, is changing the terroir  – he is trying to keep it as pure and unadulterated as possible.
Beckmeyer has been quietly making wines in the Sierras since 2001, and has a diverse lineup, comprised largely of Rhone wines, both white and red. Hank’s laid­-back winemaking approach produces wines with texture and tons of interest -­ he simply lets each wine, each vintage, become whatever it might.
Region: US>California>Sierra Foothills
Vineyard: Josephine+Mariposa complex. Gravelly loam and yellow slate. Head-trained vines.
Blend: 72% Grenache, 28% Mourvèdre
Aging: 15 months in stainless steel and 600L puncheons
Production Notes: Foot-stomped grapes. Native yeast fermentation. Grenache & mourvèdre fermented separately. Pressed into puncheons after 8 or 9 days. Beckmeyer aimed to capture the essence of the vineyard by creating this vineyard-specific blend.
Tasting Notes: Bouquet of high toned tropical fruit & dried herbs. Mouthwatering acidity, stony minerality, and fine-grained tannins.  Well-structured and full-bodied without being heavy. Give this wine plenty of air, and experience it’s transformation in your glass.
Food Pairings: Cassoulet, braised meat, roasted lamb, grilled sausages