Seasonal Foods: Garlic Scapes


Garlic – quite possibly the most popular member of the allium family, a genus of plants that includes chives, onions, and leeks. Like all alliums, garlic produces flowers, and before a garlic flower blooms, the blooming stalk is called a scape.

I’m not sure how I found out about the miracle of garlic scapes. I probably just bought some on a whim (I get very excited about ultra-seasonal vegetables and buy them without knowing how to cook them) and googled around until I figured out what place they had in our culinary world. It turns out, garlic scapes make fantastic pesto, which freezes surprisingly well (recipe forthcoming).

Garlic scapes are in season RIGHT NOW, and they are only here for a short while, so get them while you can. You can find organic scapes at Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market through Knoll Farms or Thomas Farm. I’ve also seen non-organic scapes at the Alemany Farmer’s Market, as well as Berkeley Bowl.