Wine of the Week: Mauro Vergano NV Vermouth Bianco


Vermouth – most people associate this beverage (and yes, it is a beverage) with Manhattans and Martinis, but few know the pleasure of an expertly crafted vermouth served all by itself (maybe with a spritz of soda and a twist). What is vermouth, anyway? It’s an aromatized and fortified wine, infused with a blend of botanicals to make it herbal, aromatic, and bitter. Vermouth was first produced Turin, Italy during the 18th century, used primarily for medicinal purposes. Soon it became a popular aperitif, and by the 19th century bartenders started using it in cocktails.

There are many styles of vermouth, including red, white, rose, and amber, which can be either sweet or dry. The vermouth featured in this blog post is a white vermouth with a bit of sweetness, which I feel is necessary to balance it with the bitterness so it can be enjoyed on it’s own. This was the first “craft” vermouth I ever consumed as an aperitif, which pretty much ruined me for all other vermouths of inferior quality – this is the best one I’ve ever had. Made from Moscato & Cortese (two very aromatic Italian white wines, with floral and citrus notes) and a secret blend of botanicals, it’s the perfect beverage for lovers of bitter drinks such as coffee, negronis, and martinis.

Enjoy this delicious vermouth with a spritz of soda water, a twist of orange, and a sprig of bruised rosemary to make one of the most special and delicious libations you’ve ever had.

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P6190001Winemaker: Mauro Vergano
Bio: Mauro Vergano started his career after earing degrees in chemistry, viticulture, and oenology. He spent 15 years working for a company in the “flavors and fragrances” sector where he learned a variety of skills, including how to recognize the nuances of fragrances. During this time, he experimented with making his own aromatized wines for friends and family – a craft he learned from his uncle. In 2003, Vergano moved on to making vermouth and chinato full time, and makes some of the finest and most highly sought-after aromatized wines available.
Region: Italy>Piemonte>Asti
Vineyard: Various
Blend: Cortese & Moscato
Aging: N/A
Production Notes: The wines used in this classic vermouth bianco are sourced from neighboring natural wine producers in Asti. Vergano uses a secret blend of herbs and spices to aromatize and sweeten this classic Piemontese-style vermouth bianco.
Tasting Notes: Most people associate vermouth with cocktails, but across the world it’s one of the most popular aperitifs on its own. The style of this vermouth is highly aromatic, with notes of flowers, citrus, honey, and herbs. On the palate, it’s perfectly sweet with balanced acidity and bitterness – it achieves a perfect harmony not often found in vermouth. Enjoy it over ice with a spritz of seltzer water, a twist of orange, and a sprig of rosemary for a mind-blowing treat you won’t believe you’ve been missing your whole life.
Food Pairing: Enjoy as an aperitif to whet your appetite and stimulate your palate.

This product is SOLD OUT. Thanks for your interest!