One Wine A Week: Matteo Correggia 2011 Anthos

Share this wine with the person you love. I think that’s about all I have to say about it. Okay, that’s not entirely reasonable, but it’s what immediately comes to mind upon opening this bottle. The Anthos is 100% Brachetto, and while much of Brachetto in the world is off dry or even sweet, and usually fizzy, this one is completely and totally dry, and still. A lush, light-bodied red wine that’s best consumed with a slight chill, the Matteo Correggia Anthos is a bouquet of beautiful, aromatic, delicate flowers in a wine glass. Part of the Winter Wine Club shipment (I know, you guys. I’m reallllly behind on my wine consumption), this Italian wine is, I think, best made for sipping and sharing with a friend or loved one.


The floral element is really what shines in this wine – think jasmine, roses, maybe a little lavender… That sort of thing. It’s very lush and bright, but not an acidic wine. It’s just such a Winelandia wine, you guys. It’s out of the box, it’s unexpected, and it’s really not what most people are used to when they enjoy a glass or a bottle of wine. But if you can set aside preconceived notions of wine – especially red wine – you’ll find some real, easy pleasure in this bottle of Anthos.

Night Opened: Sunday (are you noticing a trend?! Sunday is pretty much the only day I have time to cook and sit down to a proper dinner.)

Days to Drink: 3, but I don’t recommend it. This is a fragile wine. The first night is wonderful – chill the bottle just a bit (maybe 30 minutes in the fridge), and enjoy it. The second night, some of the fragile and volatile floral compounds have fallen away, but there’s still plenty of substance there to make it a worthwhile endeavor. I wouldn’t say that day two brings a different dimension to this wine, so don’t feel bad about finishing it in one night. Day three the wine just didn’t hold up – which is okay!

I want to say something about this – natural wines, the kinds of wines that we specialize in here – are fragile creatures that really deserve affection and attention. If a wine will hold up in your fridge for 2 weeks, you may want to ask what else is in it besides grape juice, because wines with very little treatment and additives are just like organic food – more delicious and also more delicate. They’re fresh, they’re authentic, and they don’t have any supporting ingredients (preservatives!) to help them stick around once they’re open. Some wines can make it, and some can’t, but Tala and I have found that most wines max out at 2, maybe 3 days. Taste it before you toss it though – always.

Paired With: Good company. I tried this with a dish I made the night that I opened it, and the pairing was so off that I’m not even going to tell you about it. I set the glass aside, finished my dinner, and came back to the wine after I’d eaten and I was sitting on the couch chatting. That was definitely the right choice, as there is some delicate complexity about this wine that I think can get lost in food, or overshadowed by big flavors, or clash with the wrong thing. This wine is thought-provoking and perfect for enjoying during a great conversation with a few of your favorite people. It’s a great wine to drink early in the evening before a dinner party, or to take with you on a weekend with friends. Or bring it to dinner with your parents and blow them away with your worldly and complex taste.

Did you enjoy your bottle of Anthos? Are you intrigued? We’re evaluating the next vintages of this wine, so let us know if we should carry it again!