The art of the French apéritif with Bon Appetit Box


These days you can get pretty much anything delivered in a box. Wine (from of course), meals, dog toys, nail polish, clothes, liquor, makeup, and groceries are all on the list. This is a testament to the “on-demand” culture that’s quickly gaining traction in our busy, plugged-in lives. Delivery of artisan goods is 2 parts luxury, 2 parts discovery, and 1 part convenience. You could walk or drive to the store, but it’s so much more fun to have these goods thoughtfully selected by an expert and then brought to your house in a pretty box.

Many of these subscription boxes bring us curated items that we would otherwise have a hard time finding on our own. Winelandia’s entire business is based on this model, and we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for all of you lovely wine lovers who wish to explore the world of natural wine with minimal effort on your part.

The only thing missing from your Winelandia box is some food to go along with it.

bertrand_zoeEnter Bon Appetit Box, an SF-based company founded by a young couple from the South of France, Bertrand and Zoé. They are epicureans who import speciality foods from their motherland and put them together into their thoughtfully themed Bon Appetit Boxes. There’s a Bon Appetit Box for every mood; whether you’re looking for something to enjoy before dinner, with wine, after dinner, with coffee, or for breakfast, they have a box that will bring the rich and flavorful traditions of French culture to your table or picnic blanket.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Bertrand and Zoé to discuss the French tradition of the apéritif, a word derived from the Latin verb aperire, which means “to open”. An apéritif is meant to open your palate and stimulate your appetite before a meal. We discussed how food is usually enjoyed with wine in France and how it seems odd to them that anyone would enjoy wine without food. It was a no-brainer that Winelandia and Bon Appetit Box would be BFFs, as together they are greater than the sum of their parts.

P8030148Bertrand and Zoé were kind enough to give me some samples of their lovely imported products, and in return I gave them some wines that I thought would pair well with their foods. I was very excited to dig into my Bon Appetit Provence Apéritif Box, which features vegetable spreads (olive tapenade, artichoke, eggplant & red pepper), crackers, and toasts. They threw in some items from their Paris Apéritif Box as a bonus, such as the cornichons, whole grain mustard, Duck & Pork Pate with Orange and Duck Rillette.

My husband and I are finding every excuse we can to enjoy the goodies from our Bon Appetit Box. A few weekends ago, we took some to a redwood forest to enjoy beneath the trees on a hot day. The quality of the food is top-notch, and I felt as if I was being whisked away to a springtime picnic in France.


The fun part is pairing these flavorful and piquant snacks with the appropriate wine (or beer!). For the Provence Apéritif Box, I settled on an organically farmed Chablis from the Premier Cru vineyards of Montmains. The fresh acidity and ample minerality of such a wine is a perfect pairing for rich and flavorful vegetable spreads. For the Paris Apéritif Box, I chose a light-bodied Burgundian gamay from Macon-Bussieres which was a lovely compliment to the richer, meatier spreads.

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Big thanks to Bertrand and Zoé for sharing their wonderful products with the Winelandia family.