Pop-Up Dinner at Ruby Wine, Monday 2/20

Hi, Everyone! It’s been a while, and I’ve been busy working on new projects. I wanted to let you all know about a pop-up benefit dinner I’m hosting/cheffing this Monday, Feb. 20th at Ruby Wine. Ruby Wine has a small café next door called Provendor, and the last few Mondays there have been a variety […]

Fall Wine Club Collection: Rare and Indigenous Grapes

Did you know that there are over 10,000 varieties of wine grapes in the world? The vast majority of commercial wine production is limited to only 19 of them, which are known as the “noble grapes”. Of the remaining 9,980, only about 1,350 are grown in large enough quantities to be commercially viable. This quarter’s […]

Pre-Califermentation Pop-Up: Monday, Oct 17th @ 7PM

Join Tala of Winelandia and Pamela Busch of The Vinguard this Monday, October 17th @ 7pm for a Pre-Califermentation Pop-Up at Ruby Wine in San Francisco. They’ll be pouring wines from a few featured producers, including AmByth Estate, Scholium Project, Petard Cellars, Sonoma Mountain Winery, and others. Wines will be poured in a tasting flight or by […]

Summer Wine Club: Biodynamic Wines

This quarter’s wine club collection is focused on Biodynamics, a farming and winemaking process drawn from the ideas of Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner in the 1920s. Biodynamic farming combines spiritual, mystical, and celestial methodologies to promote soil fertility, plant health, and biodiversity. It creates a holistic, resilient, and self-contained ecosystem that does not require the intervention […]

Spring Wine Club Offer: Natural Wine from Goatboy Selections

Do you ever look at the back of a bottle of wine? If the wine is imported, it’s there you’ll find the label bearing the importer’s name. Importers are the people in the trenches who establish relationships with the winemakers and painstakingly select each wine to bring into the US. Average wine consumers tend to […]

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New Wave Natural Wines from California Now Available

Natural wine has been getting a lot of press lately. CBS recently released this informative video about additives in wine, with cameos from winemaker Tony Coturri, the godfather of natural wine in California, and journalist Alice Fiering, the woman who literally wrote the book(s) on natural wine. Definitely worth a watch if you’re curious to […]

Winter Wine Club Offer: California Love

Happy New Year everyone! Coming hot off the heels of our very successful Califermentation event, I thought it would be a great time to get back to Winelandia’s roots and feature wines from California. I was lucky to meet so many talented and passionate people dedicated to natural winemaking and was inspired to do a […]

Califermentation Recap

California’s natural winemakers tend to be an adventurous lot, and with good reason.  They take great risks foregoing the pesticides and chemical manipulations that have become a benchmark of most of the large well known California wineries, but it’s a risk they think is worth taking in order to produce something that’s honest.  Apparently so […]

Local Natural Wine: The Living Wines Collective

Wine elicits dictatorial feelings of taste in some people, which helps to explain the manipulative scoring schemes that have done so much damage to individual taste over the past few decades in California.  On the other end of the scale are the people for whom wine awakens something very different, a desire to share something […]

CALIFERMENTATION: A California natural wine fair – Nov. 12-13, 2016

The Vinguard and Winelandia invite you to Califermentation: The second annual wine fair showcasing California’s best in natural winemaking. Saturday Nov. 12 – Sunday Nov. 13, 12- 4 pm Terroir Natural Wine Bar and Merchant 1116 Folsom Street (7th), San Francisco Unlike any other tasting before, Califermentation is featuring wines from California’s best producers dedicated […]

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