Summer Wine Club Terroir Series: Volcanic Wines

Winelandia’s wine club is constantly evolving as we delve deeper into the inner workings of wine. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about terroir and it’s influence on a wine’s flavors and aromas, and for the summer club I wanted to bring focus to the soil the wines are grown in. I came up with […]

Introducing our Spring ’15 Wine Club Selections

Winelandia’s commitment to the rare and obscure often leads us to wines made from exotic grapes grown in places we’ve never heard of. For our spring wine club collection, we wanted to ‘get back to basics’ so to speak, and show you that natural, organic, and biodynamic wines can be made in some of the most […]

Winery Visit: Idlewild Wines

With so many wineries in California, it’s incredibly important for new producers to find an angle or niche that sets them apart from the rest. Enter Sam Bilbro, a California native who makes soulful wines under the label Idlewild Wines. His focus is primarily wines made from Piedmontese grapes, such as Nebbiolo, Cortese, Arneis, Barbera, and Dolcetto. In a sea […]

Spring Forward With These American Beauties

For many of us, the wines of California were our first love in our pursuit of the vine. Here in California, we’re lucky to have such a wealth of home-grown wines to choose from, which allows us to not just “eat local”, but also “drink local”! This week I am releasing several new bottles from my favorite California producers, […]

Rosé season is here!

At long last, your wait is over. Spring is fast approaching, and with the warmer weather comes the release of rosé wine from our favorite producers. We’ve got two brand new rosés in the shop, on two totally different ends of the spectrum. Whether you’re looking for rosé that’s intense, textural, and soulful, or bright, floral, […]

Introducing our Winter ’15 Wine Club Collection

Happy new year everyone! We’ve been hard at work putting together the latest collection for the wine club, scheduled to ship in early February. If you’ve been on the fence about joining the wine club, this would be the shipment to do it! We’ve got some crazy good stuff lined up and I think it’s our best […]

Four new wines for the New Year

Happy New Year from Winelandia! We hope you were able to pop some of your favorite bottles during your holiday celebrations. Over the holiday break, there were some new releases we couldn’t resist getting our hands on. Check out the four new wines in our online shop. 2013 Frantz Saumon Mineral+, Montlouis-sur-Loire The latest vintage […]

Experience the Best of Winelandia for the holidays!

Our “Best of Winelandia” holiday offer is SOLD OUT. We’re working on another one, so stay tuned! We’ve assembled a very limited 6-pack for the holidays featuring the Best of Winelandia in 2014. Included are four deep, rich, and soulful reds, and two exuberant sparkling wines (even some real Champagne!). Price per 6-pack is $175 excluding […]

Thanksgiving Wine Pairing Guide

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and we’ve put together this helpful guide to assist you with choosing wines to pair with your holiday feast. Whether you’re cooking a traditional turkey or putting together something a little more unconventional, we’re here to help you choose your Thanksgiving wine pairing. This guide will help you elevate your meal […]

Wine 101: Sparkling Wine Terms

As the fall & winter holidays approach, many wine consumers turn their sights away from rosé and towards sparkling wines. Champagne, crémant, pétillant naturel, frizzante, Cava, and Prosecco are all different types of sparkling wine, yet many people use the term “Champagne” to refer to any sparkling wine. This is a widely accepted, though incorrect use of […]